About Us

With the aim to set high standards in the manufacturing of agriculture spare parts, Sanjay Agriculture Works was established in the year 1998. We have  capacity , infrastructure and skill to manufacture any volume of product with given specification and tolerances and with in the given time frame. We believe in customer satisfaction and try to deliver the best to our esteemed customers. We value all employees with equal respect and stress the importance of a strong business ethic in all areas of the company .

Our Mission

World leaders in Agriculture Spareparts

Our Values

* Safety
 * Honesty and integrity
 * Respect for others
 * Environmental responsibility
 * Quality and excellence
 * Family and community

Quality  Policy  Statement

Sanjay Agriculture Works is committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. We will achieve this objective through continuous review and improvement of the quality management system effectiveness.

Safety  Policy  Statement

Sanjay Agriculture Worksis committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Employees will follow all safety rules and work proactively to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and their fellow employees. No task is so important that it needs to be performed in an unsafe manner.

Environmental  Policy  Statement

Sanjay Agriculture Works is committed to operate the business in full compliance with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations. Facilities will strive for continuous environmental improvement and use production processes and controls that minimize the impact to the environment.